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Sophisticated Style display booth at Urban Barn market. This Photo Album also includes more than what was available at the booth. View all Sophisticated Style items for sale.

Allen Roth pillow close up
Aug2010-jan2011 262
Blue Paisley
Blue Paisley Pillow
Brown hue pillow Allen Roth one of a kind
Candle motivevotif
Dough bowl board
Grain Pillow - Blue stripe
Grain Pillow close up
Grain sack body pillow
Grain Sack pillow - holey 2
Grain sack pillow close up
Grain sack pillow-holey
Grain sack pillows
Nans Place Store 007
Nans Place Store 008
Nans Place Store 012
Side Table at Urban Barn Booth
Sophisticated Style Booth
Sophisticated Style Booth-sideview
Sophisticated Style Bowl Ornaments
Sophisticated Style pict flowers
Sophisticated Style sunflower2
Sophisticated Style vases
Sophisticated Style Wine Covers
Sophisticated Styleframe chair
Sophstylepictures 003
Sophstylepictures 005
Sophstylepictures 006
Sophstylepictures 008
Sophstylepictures 010
Sophstylepictures 024
Sophstylepictures 028
Sophstylepictures 032
Sophstylepictures 035
Sophstylepictures 036
SS-Picture Frames
Trash can - Wine Bottle Covers
Urban Barn Booth-Mini Frames
Weave chair
Weave Chair closer look