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The other endeavor I undertook is transplanting and growing succulents from around mine and friends yards. Growing Succulents is one of other project that keeps me busy. Our property is filled with these drought tolerant plants, a little of this, a little more of that. I see a plant and stick it in a pot and see how it does. Most succulents will grow roots fairly quickly and are comfortable in the new planter dirt shortly. So I decided to rope in some these plants and share them with the locals.
I tired of being poked by the sharp needle pricks of Cactus and Agave so I focused on a more lady friendly non-prick succulent. The flowers produced by the Mule Deer ear succulent and the smaller rabbit ear are spears of colors hues of red, orange, pinkish and yellow. The tall
The succulents in any pots are for sale, Prices are negotiable.